Full stack web, mobile, and network software development.

Episub can help you migrate and extend your legacy systems for as little as 5000 AUD per month. Our team of full-stack, expert developers utilize cutting edge tools and languages. We focus on releasing actionable features to ensure enterprises reach their software development objectives on time and on budget.

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Complete Toolkit for Business

Modern businesses requires high grade enterprise applications. Our solutions are specially designed to be intuitive, personalized, and tuned to support next-generation business needs.

  • Improve employee productivity by simplifying and automating business operations
  • Easily extend or build customized legacy systems or applications with the latest developer tools and technologies

Our 5 Key Development Principles

Our Managed Application Production (MAP) is based on these core principles that combine to deliver a deeply satisfying business solution.

  • Flexible – form your design as we build, rather than deciding everything in advance
  • Predictable – we deliver the right features at the right time within a known budget
  • Informative – give you continuous, relevant insight on the progress of the project
  • Simple – develop systems that are simple to use, and automate your business processes
  • Fast – deploy new features fast, typically with no downtime

What We Do

We can augment + build + integrate + customize your existing legacy systems.  Get a solution that adapts to your business and grows with it.


Mobile development, with skills to meet your needs for iOS and Android applications.

  • IOS – Swift and Objective C
  • Android – Java
  • Hybrid – Meteor js & Ionic

Our development team produce the best in front-end experience and support for your business by providing responsive and robust development solutions. Experience with multiple web technologies, including: HTML5, CSS, Javascript, Ruby on Rails, PHP, Go, and more.

  • React & Meteor js
  • GraphQL
  • and more

Developing the right software involves more than just writing code, but ensuring you have the right structure to go with it. We can fulfill your database needs.

Relational Database

  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL & MariaDB


  • MongoDB
  • Cassandra
  • Redis

Whether your software needs are locally hosted, or to run in the cloud, we can get you up and running.

  • Amazon AWS
  • Google Cloud
  • SoftLayer
  • and more

Episub features some experienced backend developers, powering data management tools for enterprise. Whether it is a basic content management tool for a mobile application, or highly complex solution for a information technology operator, we always make sure the end result is secure, efficient, within your company’s budget, and delivered on time.

  • Google Bigtable
  • Datastore
  • Amazon DynamoDB
  • Redshift
  • and more

Skill in setting up software containers for your software needs. From top to bottom, we have your development needs covered.

  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Rancher
  • and more

Technologies & Tools Behind Our Success


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