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A newer, smarter approach to software development.​

The problem: a far off finish line
Timelines get abandoned as milestones are constantly pushed back, chewing up resources and piling on costs.
Our solution: a winning formula
We inject your project with a series of miniprojects - what we call micros scopes – to release value fast.
The problem: a mammoth task
Tackling an entire project at once leaves very little wiggle room for changes.
Our solution: digestible stages
We work in stages with each micro scope of your software addressed before moving to the next.
The problem: watching the clock
Time-based billing offers little guarantee that the hours used will deliver what you need.
Our solution: more power to you
Our pricing is based on specific features giving you the freedom to choose which features you really need and which ones you don’t.
The problem: mountains of cash upfront
You pay in lump sums but your return on investment comes months, possibly years, down the track.
Our solution: small monthly payments
We offer a predictable monthly pricing model with features delivered continuously to fast track time to value.

Where different equals success

By removing the traditional pitfalls and roadblocks of software development we have cleared a path towards fulfilling your digital transformation vision.

Where would you like to start?

Build and adapt

Modernise legacy infrastructure and turn problems into opportunity with business applications shaped to achieving business outcomes.

Connect and transform

Seamlessly stitch together business platforms and processes to unlock game-changing levels of productivity and profit.

Analyse and take action

Put data into the hands of your people and gain continuous actionable insights to positively impact every corner of your business.

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