Episub launches MAP: Learn How MAP Delivers Custom Software for Half the Price with Immediate Value.


MAP is the new wave of IT solutions delivery for enterprise. If you’re new to MAP, you’ll want to check out this explainer video here: https://episub.wistia.com/medias/a6bu23ozwb

MAP is designed specifically to help companies run their software development projects smoothly ensuring that you have flexible control over your application requirements and deliverables.

With MAP, customers pay about $5000/month for a preliminary feature set which will be frequently monitored and adjusted based on evolving needs. Compare that to an initial $100,000 investment to build, test, and maintain an entire code base. Not to mention how long it would take to actually adapt the solution to changing and growing requirements.

Check out Episub at https://episub.com/map/ to learn more about the right way to do software projects.

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